The future of California’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market is going to come under scrutiny at the 7th Annual Meeting of the California Alliance for Advanced Transportation Systems (CAATS) at the end of November.

The meeting will in part focus on the economics and marketing of ITS products and services in the United States and abroad, but California’s ITS market will be singled out in particular, according to Harry Voccola, chairman of CAATS.

“It is estimated that the ITS market is forecast to reach $11 billion by 2010 in California, and $452 billion nationwide by 2015,” he said. “This meeting is intended to explore the demand for the development and deployment of technology, integrated into nearly every aspect of transportation. Attendees will play a great role in the determination of the future of ITS in California.”

CAATS is a partnership of transportation and technology executives throughout California from government and industry with the goal to accelerate the deployment of technology in the transportation network to the benefit of travelers.