Hendrickson is offering a tire inflation system that taps the trailer supply to maintain tire inflation up to a preset level. This product is the company’s answer to automatic systems that are overly complex, costly and unreliable, the manufacturer said.

The system, TIREMAXX, is governed by an electronic control unit that detects low tire pressure and alerts the operator a via signal light when required. It responds by directing air from the trailer tank to the tire(s) when the inflation pressure dips below the pre-set level.

TIREMAXX nearly doubles the size of the hubcap tee fitting compared with previous connectors. High-stress areas receive added material for a stouter cross section and a larger radii. An added guard around the tee fitting protects it during tire removal.

Hoses feature braided steel jackets and larger barrels for fitting connectors. The seal structure for the tee connections has been improved, providing redundant sealing faces to help maintain leak-free fittings.

Air travels from the supply tank through air lines outside the axle to the wheel ends. A bolt-in, ball-bearing rotary union allows air to flow through the axle spindle to the rotating hubcap fitting, and hoses connect the hubcap tee to the tires.

TIREMAXX is an option on the company’s INTRAAX and VANTRAAX trailer suspension systems.

For more information, call Hendrickson toll free at 866-743-3247.