The states of Florida and Michigan have informed the State of Connecticut that drivers in that state have commercial licenses that have been obtained illegally.

According to news sources, 25 drivers with illegal Florida licenses moved to Connecticut. An unknown number of drivers from Michigan obtained Connecticut Class 2 licenses with illegal ones from that state.

Last year, Florida officials uncovered the unlawful activity and notified every state about the illegal truck drivers. In December, six-months after they were informed by the State of Florida, Connecticut officials mailed letters to the 25 unlicensed truckers.

"When we have suspicions we check it out," DMV spokesman Bill Seymour told WTNH-TV on New Haven. He added that it is a matter of "security, both in terns of who you are and what your represent and what you can do and whether you can drive that truck."

Since then, 11 of the drivers have either taken the Class 2 test or downgraded to a regular passenger car license. Nine drivers are scheduled for a retest this month. Five other truckers, however, have not responded to the state letter.

Some Connecticut lawmakers said they are upset that the state did not act quicker and did not succeed to remove all illegal drivers from the roadways.

By comparison, both New York and Massachusetts had all of their unlicensed truck drivers off the road three months after hearing from Florida officials