The New Jersey Office of Counterterrorism has issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies and the transportation and petroleum sectors, reporting that a gasoline tanker capable of carrying 9,200 gallons of fuel is missing.

The tanker was allegedly stolen April 8 or 9 from the parking lot of TK Transport Inc. in Pennsauken, NJ. The company says the tanker was empty.

There have been no threats, phone calls, or tips stating that someone intends to use the tanker as an instrument for an attack, according to FBI agent Sherri Evanina.

Pennsauken Police Capt. Earl Griffin said that only the trailer— left unhitched at the company parking lot— is missing. It is possible that someone hitched the trailer and drove off with it if the parking lot exit was left unsecured, Griffin told Fleet Owner.

Griffin also noted that the recently refurbished trailer has some parts that are of value, including new wheels, tires, and suspension. That suggests whoever took the trailer may only want to scrap it for parts, Griffin said. Despite this, law enforcement agencies are taking no chances.

“In reference to things that have happened in the past, we are aware this is one method a terrorist could possibly use. It is something we have to be aware of,” Evanina told Fleet Owner, noting the Oklahoma City bombings as an example.

The vehicle is described to be a four-compartment tank trailer with “TK Transport Inc.” embroidered in green on its left and right. It is a recently refurbished model 1996 model T-118 Fruehauf tanker with a New Jersey license plate number T852SC.

Trailer theft is common in the area but this is the first time he recalls an instance of a tanker theft, Griffin added.

TK Transport has declined to comment.