Peterbilt Motors Company has upgraded its optional iron hubs to Low Maintenance System iron hubs, providing customers with increased warranty coverage and longer maintenance intervals, company officials said.

The new LMS iron hubs are available for steer axles rated up to 14,600 pounds and tandem-configured drive axles rated up to 52,000 pounds (26,000 pound rating for single drive axles), and are optional for Peterbilt's entire medium- and heavy-duty product line. Both front and rear LMS iron hubs come with extended warranty coverage of five years or 500,000 miles.

Maintenance intervals for rear LMS iron hubs are extended by four times compared to non-LMS iron hubs, with bearing end movement checked every 120,000 miles, oil and seal changed every 500,000 mile, and wear checked every 500,000 miles.

Front LMS iron hubs reduce maintenance requirements through factory-set bearing end-play for longer seal life, as well as controlled seal assembly and hub installation to help prevent premature wheel seal failure, officials said.

"For Peterbilt customers preferring iron hubs, the new LMS versions will provide increased peace of mind through extended warranty coverage and lower operating costs through reduced maintenance requirements," says Bruce Ewald, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager.