Schneider Specialized Carriers Inc. has unveiled a new rolling glass rack that enables primary glass producers, glass coaters and glass fabricators to quickly and safely load and transport flat glass measuring as large as 96-in. x 144-in. inside Schneider van trailers.

Schneider Specialized said its "wheelbarrow design rack" dramatically reduces loading and unloading times and significantly minimizes the risk for injury.

Shippers and consignees can load as many as 11 different packs of glass of varying sizes onto Schneider's new A-frame racks and haul these inside one of the carrier's special van trailers designed to accommodate the racks.

The wheelbarrow design allows shippers to easily move the racks around their docks or plant floors for loading and unloading using a standard 6,000-lb. capacity forklift, which reduces the risk of personal injury and time associated with the standard process of moving individual packs of glass from various locations within the plant to a stationary rack on a traditional flatbed truck.

Because the racks travel inside trailers, risk of injury to other motorists and the potential for vandalism and environmental damage also are significantly reduced.