The South Carolina Trucking Assn. (SCTA) is endorsing legislation which would substantially increase the fines for truck drivers caught speeding.

Last week a subcommittee unanimously passed the bill and it was approved yesterday by the full Education & Public Works Committee. The bill may be considered by the full House as early as next week.

"Our industry has consistently promoted this legislation as a means to promote compliance with speed limits," said J. Richards Todd, president of SCTA. "We support higher fines for excessive speeding across the board, both cars and trucks, but if the Legislature won't support that, then we will support a higher standard for commercial vehicle drivers."

SCTA promoted a similar amendment to speed limit legislation in 1999, but it died on a voice vote in the House of Representatives. Last year an identical bill passed the House late in the session and was not considered by the Senate before the session ended.