Tronicus Inc. has launched its Tronicus-VC2 offering. Through VC2, Tronicus plans to provide shippers with multi-carrier, multi-modal shipment tracking, tracing and problem-resolution services.

Tronicus, based in Calgary, Alberta, said the VC2 system's key feature is its ability to track multi-modal shipments that include rail, ocean vessel, and truck, as well as provide warehouse visibility. The system provides immediate Internet-based access to information and allows shippers to track and trace domestic and international shipments, in movement or at rest, down to the item level, anywhere in the world.

Tronicus said the VC2 system's database and logistics offerings are supported by BridgePoint, an online logistics provider that is owned by railroad giant CSX Corp. Bridgepoint helps the VC2 system provide customers with up-to-date shipping information such as estimated time of arrival and user-defined alerts. In addition, customers receive shipment performance reports with detailed post-transit analytics, helping them improve the planning and management of shipments and service providers.