If Mike Tyson tries once again to back out of Saturday night's heavyweight bout with Clifford Etienne in Memphis, he can try to blame his truck driver.

A pickup truck and trailer transporting Tyson's boxing ring from TKO Productions in New Orleans jackknifed and ran off the interstate near McComb, MS, late last night.

The pickup truck was pulling the trailer to Memphis when the driver lost control on I-55. Though the boxing equipment was tossed around a bit, TKO driver Leon Deano said nothing was seriously damaged.

"Everything was going fine," Deano told WLBT-TV of Jackson, MS. "Then the trailer just started swaying real bad, and it jackknifed on me and put me off the road."

Deano said the wrecked truck and trailer were taken to a local body shop. The boxing ring and other equipment were transferred to a rental truck.