Usher Transport, a petroleum and chemical trucking company based in Louisville, KY, is installing an Internet-based fuel tracking system to help it better manage fuel inventories and deliveries to filling stations and convenience stores.

Usher says the system, called TelaFuel, collects and processes fuel replenishment information from Usher’s clients to control petroleum inventories and to optimize transportation operations, resulting in lower costs and improved fleet utilization.

TelaFuel is one of several Internet-based applications created by TelaPoint Inc., a supply chain software provider for the convenience store and petroleum industry. The company, founded in February 1999, introduced TelaFuel in January.

Usher operates more than 225 trucks and tank trailers for petroleum, general chemical, dry bulk and rubber lined acid tanks. The company specializes in short and midrange transport of loads that are time sensitive, which is why having up-to-date inventory and delivery schedules is so important.