Minn.-based XATA Corp, which makes onboard information recording systems for the trucking industry, has signed a deal with the Eby-Brown Company to implement its onboard computers and other key hardware and software components for Eby-Brown’s next-generation fleet management system.

Eby-Brown is one of the largest wholesale distributors of convenience store products in the United States. During the next three months, Eby-Brown plans to install XATA’s truck computer system across its fleet of 408 vehicles at eight distribution centers.

Mike Bundy, vp of planning, development and administration at Eby-Brown, said the devices would be used to electronically monitor and report on driver logs and track all engine information to help improve fleet fuel economy. The main goal for using XATA’s technology is to increase productivity by providing drivers with electronic dispatch, reporting on delays and establishing standards for out-of-route monitoring.