Grote Industries has released a new line of white LED lamps that are marketed to be competitive with other interior lighting solutions—particularly fluorescent—as interior dome lamps.

Grote said the product is the result of new technology and Grote’s own engineering. According to Grote, the new lamps “leave behind the typical dim, bluish cast of other makers' LEDs.” Fully twice as bright as anything else on the market, said Grote, “the 18-diode model stands alone, according to the results of competitive testing.” Grote said its LED lamps also cast the familiar, broad light pattern of fluorescent lamps, making their light distribution the best on the market for interior dome lamps.

Grote also said its LED lamps draw less power than fluorescent and other types of interior lighting and light up faster in cold temperatures, generates less heat and lasts up to five times longer.

“This is the solution the transportation industry, particularly refrigerated and insulated trailer haulers, have been waiting for,” said Mike Grote, business development manager.

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