Teamsters president Jim Hoffa said the union will “closely monitor” the recent United Parcel Services, Inc. (UPS) agreement to acquire Overnite Transportation Co. to ensure job security for its members.

“If this purchase helps UPS to continue to successfully compete in the global marketplace in the long run, it will increase our members’ job security,” said Ken Hall, director of the Teamsters’ Parcel and Small Package Division. “We have been assured that this purchase will not affect bargaining unit work, but we will evaluate the purchase and work to ensure that it doesn’t.”

Hoffa hinted that Teamsters-represented UPS employees might pave the way for the union to gain membership among Overnite workers. The union has had an embattled history with Overnite, as Teamsters-represented Overnite workers led a strike against the company from October, 1999 until 2002.

“We are hopeful that UPS’ long history as a company with Teamster representation will create new opportunities for Overnite workers to achieve their goals in the workplace,” said Hoffa.