Profitability management software provider Transportation Costing Group (TCG) has signed an exclusive reseller agreement with BI3 for the marketing and distribution of the company's business Cube-IT solution.

TCG has exclusive use of Cube-IT for motor carrier TCG applications under the name "Cube-IT Powered by TCG."

"Cube-IT Powered by TCG is a highly effective, intensive profitability analysis management tool because of its dynamic drill down capability," said Ken Manning, TCG president. "Typical business intelligence tools only provide data in fixed formats. Cube-IT Powered by TCG, allows an analyst to design and redesign reports on the fly, as needed, without having to generate raw data each time."

"Cube-IT Powered by TCG can generate reports on the spot that allow for a comprehensive analysis based on customers, lanes, length of haul and even commodity types," Manning noted, "(It) ties into driver settlement and payroll data to evaluate driver and driver manager performance."

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