Trincon Group, a trucking consultation firm, has developed a Hiring and Retention Advisory program to address the driver shortage issue.

The program will teach firms learn how to create, implement and fund a retention and recruitment program or how to improve an existing plan, Trincon said. Trincon's advisors will work with management teams to address:

  • how to define a driver career path within the company;
  • how to highlight job benefits to a candidate;
  • how to conduct effective orientation and support programs for new hires;
  • how to define employee expectations, establish goals, conduct periodic reviews and establish recognition and accountability plans;
  • how to accomplish interview scripting (an outline for establishing driver recognition and advancement criteria);
  • how to format driver compensation and incentive packages.

    Trincon will introduce the program with several web seminars running from one to two hours. Companies can also schedule on-site workshops, evaluations and in-depth educational sessions.

    "We work with a variety of trucking firms on several different levels,” said Trincon president Duff H. Swain. "When we look at a company's turnover rate and the problems they encounter hiring and retaining qualified drivers, we see an almost universal pattern. Too many trucking companies are making the same types of mistakes and they are losing productivity as a result.

    “Our consultation program addresses each of the common areas for improvement and outlines a custom, multi-step plan to educate and guide the company to a higher level of efficiency and profitability, he added."

    For more information, call Trincon Group at 614-442-0590, or visit