The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced that under the Hazmat Truck Security Pilot program, it has awarded a contract to Buffalo, NY-based General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems (GDAIS) worth $3,157,744. The ultimate goal of the pilot is to create a prototype centralized truck-tracking center for analyzing alerts or incidents and coordinating responses to potential threats.

This is the second award related to the truck security pilot. In July 2005, TSA awarded a contract to McLean, VA-based SAIC for $1,434,588. SAIC will evaluate truck tracking solutions and monitor the development of a prototype truck tracking center designed to enhance security for the transportation of hazardous materials, TSA said.

GDAIS will develop and demonstrate the prototype truck-tracking center, along with the associated universal interface that will allow the collection of alert and tracking information from commercially available tracking systems.

In the first phase of the pilot, TSA will evaluate a minimum of three different commercially available solutions based on tracking capability.

"We are eager to begin this important study to determine how to enhance security on our nation's roads," said Jim Blair, TSA's Acting Chief Operating Officer. "Evaluating available technologies will help us determine the best way to mitigate the threat of terrorists using Hazmat-carrying trucks, and then develop the capability to quickly coordinate the response to an incident or threat."

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