Trucking software provider ALK Technologies has announced Ward Trucking has installed two new applications—ALK FleetSuite Tolls and PC*Miler Streets—for all three of its operating divisions.

“With the new tolls and street-level routing software, we will be sending optimized routes to drivers over our GeoLogic Solutions mobile communications system,” said Mike Zupon, director of management information systems for Ward Truckload Express, one of Ward’s divisions.

PC*Miler is a routing tool designed for motor carriers, private fleets, shippers and logistics companies to plan loads, pay drivers, and calculate freight charges. PC*Miler Streets also has the ability to calculate fuel tax reporting.

“We also use it for our zoned costing system,” Zupon said. “We figure out mileage from a service center to different delivery points and use that in formulating costing information.”

ALK FleetSuite Tolls provides accurate toll data for rate quotes, billing and driver settlement. Users can also select the toll criteria such as the number of axles on the unit, for example, and in some cases, the time of day.

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