TomTom has launched a new app center to showcase its range of fleet management technologies available for integration.

TheTomTom Business Solutions app centeris a dedicated web site detailing a range of partner applicationsready for integration with TomTom’s Webfleet platform. These include officesolutions such asCRM, ERP, scheduling and planning software.

“The new app center will enable companies toidentify those solutions that can be swiftly deployed and integrated with theirTomTom system,”said Thomas Schmidt,TomTom Business Solutions’ managingdirector. “By bringing fleet management data together withinformation from a host of other software systems, companies can benefit fromgreater efficiencies across all areas of their business – from workflowmanagement to customer service. With our seamless integration options customersdo not have to change the way they work, they simply improve it.”

The appcenter will also host in-vehicle and mobile applications. Recently, TomTomopened the Bluetooth channel on its in-vehicle LINK tracking device, enablingconnectivity with a host of hardware devices foruse in and around the vehicle.

Developer partners can work withTomTom’s API Webfleet.connect andLINK.connect to create new solutions.
The appcenter can be found online at

Fordevelopers interested in integrating their solution with Webfleet, detaileddeveloper resources can be found at: