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With nearly eight decades in the refined petroleum business and three decades in renewable fuels, CHS has earned its reputation as a safe, dependable supplier of high-quality energy products — those that keep tractors and fleets running smoothly, fuel cars and buses, and warm homes all across the country. CHS ranks as North America’s largest cooperative refiner and a significant wholesaler and reseller of refined fuels.



I was readin one of your other questions about using #2 diesel over other diesel fuel. I guess I dont understand what #2 diesel fuel is. I go to the pumps and there is only one grade of diesel fuel. Period. Its not like gaolsine where you have good better best. We dont have good and premium. Just plain old diesel. Please explain


The best place to start is with your question "What is #2 diesel fuel?". A #2 diesel fuel is a middle distillate fuel derived from crude oil. It is burned in compression ignited internal combustion engines or as a home heating fuel. It is required to meet certain minimum and maximum specifications as listed in ASTM D975. These include: Cetane number which measures the ignitability/startability of a fuel, distillation range, which indicates how much power and how well the fuel will self ignite, cloud point which indicates when it will start to become a solid, and sulfur, because it impacts the environment. In the USA only ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) is available for both on highway and off highway use. Together these specifications, along with the other requirements in D975 make up the basic requirements for middle distillate fuels including #2 diesel fuel.

The next part of your question centers around the following question; Are #2 diesel fuels available as good, better, best fuels and if so where are they available? As a review; A premium #2 diesel fuel such as Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster or Roadmaster LX provides superior performance to a #2 diesel fuel. These benefits include improved power, better fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. What makes a premium #2 diesel fuel different is that it will have a top quality proven additive package, that has been tested in both the lab and in the field. Other qualities of a premium fuel are higher centane numbers, better lubricity and superior injector cleaning capabilities. Although many suppliers do not offer premium #2 diesel fuels, CHS does offer 2 of the best fuels available Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster and Roadmaster XL. Additional information on locations, FAQs and product availability can be found on the "Cenex Public" web site at www.cenex.com.

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