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How could we improve our truck’s fuel effeciency here in the Philippnes? Give us some tips on what to do.


There are many ways to improve fuel economy and many of these are within the control of the truck owner/driver. Fuel efficiency improvements can be divided into several categories: Some of the categories that will help you improve fuel economy the most are: Driving habits, truck maintenance, fuel/oil quality, and route planning, others such as truck design are probably outside of your control. We will concentrate on the areas within your control that can help to improve fuel economy.

Driving Habits: It has been said many times that fuel economy can be increased significantly simply by driving sensibly. Avoid excessive speeds, observe the speed limit, minimize idling, and do not carry excessive or extra weight when possible. In addition make sure that the load you are carrying is properly balanced. Training your drivers to drive correctly will allow you to significantly improve your fuel economy. 

Proper Truck Maintenance: Take the time to make sure that you equipment is properly maintained. One of the biggest reasons for poor fuel economy is under inflated tires, make sure that the tires on your equipment are properly inflated. Note that over inflating tires does not improve fuel economy when compared to properly inflated tires but over inflation does increase tire wear. In addition make sure that the truck is running properly and that all preventative or recommended maintenance is completed at the required or proper intervals.

Use high quality lubricating oils and fuels in your truck; Using high quality or premium oils and a premium fuel will improve your fuel economy several percent. It has been well documented that the use of synthetic oils such Cenex branded lubricants in your transmission, differentials and engine not only protect your equipment better, but they also can improve your fuel economy up to 3%. The same is true for a premium fuel, such as Cenex Ruby Roadmaster can improve power and fuel economy, increase lubricity, extend the life of the injectors and pumps. In addition using both will help to lower overall maintenance costs. 

Route planning: If you preplan your route to be the best delivery route, it can help to minimize driving extra miles on every trip. This will help improve fuel economy simply you have reduced the number of miles you are driving. 

I hope this short summary is helpful to you in improving you fuel economy. If you use common sense when operating your equipment and follow some of the tips listed above your fuel economy will improve, if you have already implemented some of these recommendations then you have already seen some fuel economy improvements and should be congratulated for your initiative.

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