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With nearly eight decades in the refined petroleum business and three decades in renewable fuels, CHS has earned its reputation as a safe, dependable supplier of high-quality energy products — those that keep tractors and fleets running smoothly, fuel cars and buses, and warm homes all across the country. CHS ranks as North America’s largest cooperative refiner and a significant wholesaler and reseller of refined fuels.



What benefit does a premium fuel offer over #2 Fuel?


Using a premium fuel will increase both the performance and the longevity of the equipment. Premium fuels contain a proven additive package that delivers superior performance when compared to a #2 diesel fuel. Additives found in a premium diesel fuel are cetane improvers, lubricity improvers and detergents to clean injectors and minimize carbon deposits when compared to a #2 diesel fuel. Higher cetane numbers provides better ignition quality for quicker starts and lower pollution. Lubricity reduces friction which will extend the life of the fuel pump and reduce down time. Detergents keep the fuel injectors clean for optimum engine performance. These features provide improved power, and fuel economy, better ignition quality and startability, reduced down time and lower maintenance costs.

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