Continental announced it has expanded its VDO RoadLog installation kit portfolio with a new line of 9 Pin Green Installation Kits. This addition increases the capability of the VDO RoadLog ELD program to run a single platform in mixed fleets with plug-n-play convenience, the company noted.

The VDO RoadLog 9 Pin Green Installation Kits support 2015 and newer trucks that utilize 9 Pin type II (green) Deutsch diagnostic ports, as well as pre-2015 9 Pin type I (black) Deutsch diagnostic ports. The VDO RoadLog 9 pin Green Connectors are available as a direct connection or as a Y-Cable configuration that leaves an open diagnostic port and cleanly installs into the vehicle cab.

The new installation kits are available as a 9 Pin Direct Cable (P/N 3290-90101200), 9 Pin Y with Flange Cable (P/N 3290-90101300) and 9 Pin Y with Plastic Nut Cable (P/N 3290-90101400).

VDO RoadLog is a stand-alone ELD offered in North America. VDO RoadLog combines GPS data with input from the vehicle to create a digital log that the driver can either download or print out as needed. It is available as a stand-alone unit without monthly fees and as a connectivity package with monthly plans.