Global telematics company inthinc Technology Solutions has released a GPS-based technology that offers the ability to draw boundaries and set safety controls within those boundaries.

SmartZones allows managers to assign specific attributes within a created zone that map to their companies’ safety policies, such as defining speed limits, inthinc said.

“Accidents occur when there is a lack of safety controls,” said Corey Catten, CTO. “Our smartZones technology empowers fleet managers with the tools they need to protect their drivers in all environments and situations.”

The system will allow the creation of a speed limit, for example, within a given geofenced area. If a driver exceeds the assigned speed limit, they will receive an in-cab verbal notification. Drivers may also receive verbal alerts for excessive idling, or upon entering or exiting a caution zone or hazardous area.
The smartZones also provide automated text or email alerts to fleet managers if an accident or other dangerous activity occurs within the defined area.

Other alerts that can be set up include seatbelt use, zone arrival/departure, and driver behavior alerts for situations such as hard turns or braking. Users can also use the free-form zone creation tool to create a custom boundary.

smartZones is a standard feature of the inthinc waySmart and inthinc tiwiPro solutions.

Click here to download an overview of inthinc smartZones technology.