Prophesy Transportation Solutions has announced the availability of ProphesyMaps, a new mapping technology that utilizes Microsoft Bing Maps and will integrate that technology into Prophesy DispatchSeries. DispatchSeries is the company’s popular transportation management system.

The new feature includes geocodes and reverse geocodes for assistance in locating vehicles, tracing routes, and pinpointing origins and destinations on one centralized map.

“Prophesy is happy to offer the enhanced visual capabilities provided by Microsoft Bing Maps within the new ProphesyMaps module,” said Prophesy vp Bill Ashburn. “The advanced features of this tool will allow customers to better manage their enroute vehicles.”

The ProphesyMaps interface also includes the ability to zoom in and out; aerial views that show locations in real time; mileage database updates to effectively generate routes; cross-referencing of a truck’s current position in relation to the planned route and actual route traveled; and push-pin plotting of load origin and destination.