Schneider National has extended its agreement with Instructional Technologies to continue providing online driver training through any computer or in-cab device.

Schneider has been offering the training for the past five years. Terms of the extension were not released.

“Schneider is one of our best and most sophisticated clients. Integrating with their Oracle Learning Management system was a challenge, but to date, we’re the only outside vendor to do so. And we’re proud to continue helping their other training vendors by hosting their video content,” said Dr. Jim Voorhees, CEO of Instructional Technologies.

Pro-Tread training is integrated with Schneider’s Oracle system, allowing managers to confirm that drivers have taken the necessary training courses. Recently, two new training lessons were added, focusing on website changes drivers need to know about and new workflow processes for delivery and expense paperwork.

“Lessons that introduce a company’s workflow and process for drivers — rather than just safety — are an increasingly common request from our clients,” said Voorhees. “And it’s more than new-hire training: Whenever there’s a process change, the manager can require drivers to take a quick 20-minute lesson. And since we update lessons quickly, it takes very little effort to communicate changes fleet-wide.”