EBE Technologies has released an add-on module to its SHIPS Recruiting software, allowing carriers to maintain and build relationships with a larger pool of drivers.

The Applicant Relationship Management System (ARMS) offers the ability to automatically correspond with either a driver who has left the company or an applicant who has been “temporarily” disqualified based on timing, event or location, EBE said.

According to EBE, ARMS was developed to help companies maintain better visibility and communicate with those drivers that have either left the company on their own accord or have been previously disqualified based on age, violations or other disqualification criteria. As time goes by, drivers become eligible for employment as the number of violations they have accrued are reduced; they reach the required age, gain their number of years of experience or simply live in a location radius where a new terminal may be opening. This solution, the company said, allows fleets to maintain contact with these drivers.

A specific contact matrix and event confirmation process is created to ensure applicants receive communications from the carrier according to their status. Based on this status, a defined contact frequency and method are automatically scheduled for the driver. Communication options include email, postcard or recruiter phone contact. The system offers integration capabilities with third party email solutions to auto generate company branded email messages. The matrix also indicates when to alert recruiters as the driver becomes eligible for employment.

“As the driver shortage, CSA regulations, and company defined demands continue to create significant hiring challenges, ARMS becomes a more valuable asset for carriers. Maintaining communications and building relationships with these drivers and being alerted immediately when they become eligible for employment, gives carriers a leg up on hiring. If companies can begin building a relationship with these drivers before they are employed, that will not only help them attract new drivers, but increase a carrier’s opportunity of keeping them”, said Cindy Nelson, EBE’s vp of marketing and business development.