A new solution from Xata Corp. will allow for driver-productivity applications to seamlessly interact with Xata Turnpike, the company’s low-cost electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) solution.

ComplianceConnect features a two-way mobile application programming interface (API) to allow Turnpike to run alongside existing driver productivity applications while automatically collecting driver and vehicle data.

“With ComplianceConnect, fleets are no longer bound by the proprietary restrictions of traditional EOBR solutions,” said Christian Schenk, vice president, product marketing, Xata. “Instead, they can now seamlessly integrate the power of Xata Turnpike with the driver-productivity applications they’re already running on their cell phones, smartphones and tablet computers.”

The software will allow for the gathering of hours-of-service data; driver vehicle inspection reports; speed; idle time; hard braking events; routes/GPS; arrival and departure times; and engine-fault codes.

ComplianceConnect will connect Xata Turnpike to more than 35 MRM, dispatch, routing, proof-of-delivery, and other third-party mobile applications, Xata said, including Airclic’s Perform Products solutions.

“We are excited that companies now have seamless access to Xata’s award-winning compliance solution and Airclic’s leading mobile supply chain software products, in one fully integrated, on-demand solution,” said Mike Lee, CEO, Airclic, a provider of mobile supply chain software with more than 300 global customers. “By leveraging the packaged integration between Xata Turnpike and Airclic’s Perform Products, our clients can now dramatically increase the accuracy and efficiency of their fleets, while reducing the costs associated with implementing other EOBR solutions.”