A no-charge version of the Decisiv Service Management Platform, FleetBasic streamlines communication between over-the-road trucking operations and their service providers.

“Fleets of all types can sign up for the free FleetBasic version of the Decisiv Platform,” said Derek Messulam, senior vp. “FleetBasic is designed to support and promote communication between trucking companies and service locations. The platform is used to create, negotiate and approve service write-ups efficiently.”

The software allows fleets to create an electronic profile including contact information, operational procedures and vehicle notes. This information is delivered automatically to over 800 participating service locations to help technicians quickly service vehicles, Decisiv said.

During the service time, the program keeps the fleet updated with time-stamped alerts and updates on the vehicle’s status, including updates to the estimate and expected completion time. Communication is possible between the service provider and fleet in real-time over the Decisiv FleetBasic web portal.