A new partnership between Kore Telematics and LoJack Supply Chain Integrity (LoJack SCI) will help provide additional security and recovery of freight throughout the supply chain, the companies have announced.

LoJack SCI's service relies on Kore's machine-to-machine (M2M) communications network for GSM wireless services to track, monitor and recover cargo in transit. LoJack SCI provides supply chain protection from tracking, monitoring and recovery to investigation and prevention, enabling companies to reduce and manage risks. Kore provides the integrated GSM wireless network.

"As we looked for a GSM wireless service provider that would help us deliver reliable visibility across the transit routes of our customers, at an economical cost, Kore stood out from the pack," said Robert Furtado, CEO of LoJack Supply Chain Integrity. "With Kore as our GSM wireless backbone, we have been able to build applications that make the supply chain operations of our customers as visible, secure and efficient as they can possibly be."

With advances in M2M wireless devices and networks, shippers can covertly track their assets at the vehicle, pallet and even individual product level simultaneously, thus limiting exposure to theft and enabling manufacturers to audit their supply chain partners for adherence to security protocols.

"When manufacturers and shippers move cargo worth millions of dollars, failure is not an option," said Alex Brisbourne, president & COO, Kore Telematics. "At Kore, we view our M2M wireless network as a value-added asset for partners like LoJack SCI that are innovating their respective industries."