Alaskan trucking operator Lynden Transport is adding GPS mapping of shipment locations while en route over the highway to its “EZ Tracing” system. By clicking on a link on its website, the company said, customers can monitor their shipments in real time on a digital map that shows the truck as it moves from origin to destination.

“We cover some long highway routes such as from Texas to Alaska and our customers requested that we provide more than depart and arrive status,” said Jim Beck, Lynden’s president, noting that the new EZ Tracing GPS mapping feature is automatically engaged each time a shipment is booked through Lynden’s EZ Commerce system.

“With the new GPS live tracking maps we can provide multiple location updates per day,” he added. “GPS mapping adds a dimension of transparency that puts the customer in control and assures them that their shipment will arrive on time. We also plan to expand our network to include freight moving on marine vessels so our customers can see the same visibility on the water as we now offer on land.”