Trucks at Work

  • Jul 31, 2014

    In praise of mentoring

    With all the frequent and necessary talk about technology, equipment costs, fuel economy, among many other vital topics in this industry, we often forget that at the end of the day trucking is really at its heart all about people....More
  • Jul 30, 2014

    Used Trucks = Big Business

    So last week I dialed into a conference call arranged by Navistar to discuss its new “Diamond Renewed” reconditioned used truck program (you can read more about that here, with insight into the company’s broader strategy for rebuilding market share in U.S. here.)...More
  • Jul 29, 2014

    Turnover isn’t just a trucking problem

    While it’s certainly gratifying to witness mainstream media outlets waking up to the potential widespread consequences of the growing truck driver shortage here in the U.S....More
  • Jul 28, 2014

    Could positive consumer data benefit trucking?

    It’s no secret that consumer spending helps drive freight volumes in trucking. Indeed, how do all the things people buy – food, appliances, furniture, clothes, cars, you name it – get delivered to their homes, dealerships, and retail centers anyways? By truck, of course, almost 70% of the time....More
  • Jul 25, 2014

    Where technology, safety, and savings intersect

    Much of the talk in trucking where technology is concerned nowadays typically centers around cost and return on investment. Yet safety is never far from the surface in such discussions – particularly in terms of how safety impacts profitability....More
  • Jul 24, 2014

    Is it all about intuitiveness?

    “Intuitive” believe it or not derives from Medieval Latin and is an adjective that means “using on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning” – describing an almost “instinctive” act of mental reasoning, if you will....More
  • Jul 23, 2014

    Positives outweigh the negatives for now

    Despite the usual spate of ongoing problems – especially when it comes to the driver shortage – the outlook for trucking continues to brighten, which is mirroring rosier projections for the U.S. economy as a whole....More
  • Jul 22, 2014

    A drive down into SubTropolis

    So back in June when I got to test drive Ford Motor Co.’s new Transit full size van in and around Kansas City, MO, I also got to visit one of the more unique industrial complexes you’ll find in the U.S.: SubTropolis....More
  • Jul 21, 2014

    The work-life balance issue

    One of the many difficulties facing fleets in the truck driver recruiting arena – especially long-haul motor carriers that send drivers out on the road for weeks at a time – is the growing demand for better “work-life balance.”...More
  • Jul 18, 2014

    Transportation is no easy task

    The horror unfolding in the Ukraine right now concerning the apparent shoot-down of a Malaysian jetliner – killing some 298 passengers and crew, including three infants, according to news reports – is perhaps the starkest reminder yet that the commercial transportation business via air, land, or sea is no easy or safe task, regardl...More
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