Today’s trucks demand more energy from batteries than ever before, and batteries alone are no longer keeping up. To solve the frustrating problem of discharged batteries that can’t start the truck, fleet managers and operators are turning to ultracapacitor engine start technology for Class 6–8 trucks. In this free white paper, you will learn:

  • The most common diesel engine starting issues fleets face today
  • The business advantages of using ultracapacitors for starting, including the ability to dedicate battery energy to power electrical loads while the ultracapacitors provide faster, more reliable starts, even when batteries are severely discharged
  • The performance difference between ultracapacitors and batteries in a wide range of temperatures
  • How the ultracapacitor is installed and connected with existing Group 31 batteries

Download the paper now to learn how fleets improve uptime and gain competitive advantage by using ultracapacitors for engine starting.