David Cullen

Executive Editor

FleetOwner executive editor David Cullen offers his take on how actions taken by government agencies, industry suppliers and other trucking stakeholders impact truck fleet owners. Cullen, an award-winning journalist who has covered trucking exclusively for 34 years, joined the staff of FleetOwner in February, 1989.

SOTU 2015: Roadwork, yes, pie in the sky first

A charged up President Obama challenged Congress last night to “turn the page” away from partisanship and work with him to pass legislation that he argued would strengthen “middle-class economics” for years to come.

SOTU: Keep an ear cocked for more highway spending

Given the White House’s intentional and widespread previewing of its content, it’s unlikely there will be any surprises when President Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union (SOTU) address before Congress this evening.

And given that Republicans now enjoy an historic majority in the House and control the Senate as well, there is little doubt that any of the major policy proposals the President outlines in his address will ever become law.

Truck sales hit high note in 2014-- scoring highest level in eight years

Now that the all dust has settled on the order books, it’s very clear that 2014 wound up as a very good year for selling trucks.

Maine highway-fatality drop seen to boost truck-weight reform

That a state highway-safety official was quoted as at least partially attributed Maine recording a 70-year low in highway fatalities to a specific reform of truck-weight rules is welcome news to the Coalition for Transportation Productivity (CTP), a group lobbying to increase the federal vehicle weight limit on interstate highways.

The self-driving truck: The human factor 

Time waits for no man. But technology must—especially when it’s poised to deliver radical change to an entire industry. To be sure, self-driving truck technology will only move forward as fast as fleet owners and other trucking stakeholders welcome it. And that will take time.

CVSA: Brake Week scores higher OOS violation rates

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced today that brake-related out-of-service violations increased overall during its latest Brake Safety Week enforcement campaign.

During that annual event, held Sept. 7-13, 2014, CVSA-certified commercial motor-vehicle safety inspectors conducted 13,305 brake system inspections on trucks and buses operating throughout North America.

ISM: Manufacturing rang out 2014 strong

Over the last month of last year, both national economic activity in the manufacturing sector and the overall U.S. economy grew yet again, per the ISM Manufacturing Report On Business for December released this morning by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

BigRoad updates ELD app for restart rollback

BigRoad announced today that its electronic driver log (EDL) app-based solution has been updated in response to the Hours of Service (HOS) restart rollback already in effect.

KeepTruckin updates ELD app for restart rollback

In response to the Hours of Service (HOS) restart rollback already in effect, electronic driver log (ELD) provider KeepTruckin has released an update for its ELD application that removes the 1:00 am to 5:00 am rest period and 168-hour restart provisions previously required under federal law. 

Keys to turning on natural-gas power

Erik Neandross, CEO of transportation & energy consulting firm Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) took direct aim at what he called “the huge elephant sitting in the room,” the price of oil that has dropped  to $50-$60 per barrel, in his opening remarks for the recent FleetOwner Webinar sponsored by Ryder that delved into various aspects of trucking on natural-gas power.

Restart rollback already in effect

A stroke of President Obama’s pen yesterday immediately suspended provisions of the 34-hour restart rule that had limited truck drivers to using the restart only once a week and had required them to take two consecutive 1:00 to 5:00 am rest periods in that time.

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