Sean Kilcarr

Executive Editor

Sean reports and comments on trends affecting the many different strata of the trucking industry -- light and medium duty fleets up through over-the-road truckload, less-than-truckload, and private fleet operations Also be sure to visit Sean's blog Trucks at Work where he offers analysis on a variety of different topics inside the trucking industry.

Terror and trucking: Where the threats hide 1

While surface transportation systems are becoming more “attractive” as targets for terrorists – especially due to ever tighter airline security measures – Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) experts believe the threat to trucking remains relatively low overall.

PIT Group's spring Energotest event

Quebec-based engineering and research firm PIT Group, a division of FPInnovations and formed back in 2008, recently kicked off its week-long “Energotest” spring event, which tests and evaluates a wide range of truck components aimed at improving the fuel efficiency of North American commercial vehicles.

The Latest from the Detroit Three

What used to be known as the "Bg Three" in automotive manufacturing circles - Ford Motor Co., General Motors, and Ram Trucks - and now more commonly referred to as the "Detroit Three" recently shined the spotlight on several new and current product lines, including an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission from GM that may find its way into Chevrolet and GMC pickups down the road. (All photos courtesy of Ford, GM and Ram)

Estes shows old-school tactics can still work in trucking

William “Billy” Hupp will tell you that despite all the latest and greatest technologies now being deployed in the trucking business – everything from telematics to load dimensioning systems – many “old school” business tactics continue to help motor carriers succeed in the ever-more challenging business of hauling freight.

Cargo theft now a tougher nut to crack
Cargo theft is a $15 billion to $30 billion a year problem according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and still on the rise. If you want to know why, take a look at the recent spate of nut thefts in California and new theft hot spots like the city of Dallas, TX.
Memorial Day Truck Tribute

In honor of Memorial Day, truck maker Autocar, based out of Hagerstown, IN, dug into its historical files to put together a sampling of the military vehicles it helped build in support of the U.S. military; an effort that spans from World War I to the present day. (All photos courtesy of Autocar)

Dealing with trucking’s information explosion

Capturing and leveraging information to provide faster yet more efficient freight service is only the start of what motor carriers can do with “Big Data,” according to a group of industry experts gathered together at the ALK 2016 Technology Summit in Philadelphia this week.

Figuring out how to find and keep workers in trucking 2

Pay is far more important to drivers than trucking likes to admit. Motor carriers may need to create new job titles and emphasize breadth of responsibility in order to attract and keep Millennials in administrative roles. A major “generation gap” exists between older and younger truck drivers, especially in regards to technology, but both pools suffer from poor training and management tactics.

Those are just some of the major issues touched on by a variety of panels and breakout sessions during the 2016 ALK Technology Summit, held in Philadelphia, PA, this week.

ALK 2016 Tech Summit

The 2016 ALK Technology Summit focused on a range of issues affecting trucking: how to manage and profit from big data; new tactics for finding and keeping workers for all positions within motor carrier operations; how different safety technologies and strategies can benefit trucking companies large and small; even a lesson in true grit shared by one of the oldest rookies ever to play in the NFL. (All photos by Sean Kilcarr/Fleet Owner)

Mobility in Philly

They say it takes a village to raise a child in the modern era. But to move people and goods around today's jam-packed urban centers, it takes an army of trucks and buses, as this short tour of Philadelphia - know as the "city of brotherly love," except when NFL rivals come to town - demonstrates. (All photos by Sean Kilcarr/Fleet Owner)

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