Kenworth will be offering three NG engines, according to Andy Douglas, national sales manager for specialty markets. The trio comprises the Cummins Westport ISX12 G (11.9L) as well as the Cummins Westport ISL G (8.9L) and the Westport GX (15L) previously offered by KW. (Note: the Westport GX is known outside KW as the Westport HD.)

“The ISX12 G is a heavy-duty NG engine for use in regional haul, vocational and refuse markets,” Douglas points out. “This new engine requires a single fuel source and can run on either CNG or LNG.”

He relates that the ISX12 G is available for the T660, T800, T800 short hood and W900S truck models. “The engine will be available with a range of ratings up to 400 hp. and 1,450 lbs.-ft. of torque as well as with optional engine brake and manual and automatic transmission capability to meet customer needs.

“The ISX12 G will really complete Kenworth’s line of factory-installed NG engines,” Douglas says. “It is a perfect size for the operational needs of those regional and refuse haulers that require a little more power and torque than offered by the ISL G but that don’t need as much as provided by the Westport GX.

“We think the ISX12 G really opens the door for many operators in regional, refuse and P&D applications to consider natural gas-powered engines as a viable choice for an engine platform,” he advises.

Douglas notes that both CNG and LNG are “cost-effective, low-carbon and low-emissions fuels.” And he points out that the ISX12 G uses a maintenance-free, three-way catalyst and does not require a DEF tank, DPF or SCR technology, which “reduces cost, weight and complexity.”

He also says the engine’s torque capabilities are the “same as diesel” and that it provides “very similar drivability as well, but since there’s no fuel injection, there can be some throttle lag at launch. And these engines are significantly quieter than their diesel counterparts.

“With the right spec’ing choices, many operators have the potential to realize significant reductions in emissions and fuel costs, particularly if they’re replacing trucks with older diesel engines with Kenworth trucks powered by the ISX12 G,” says Douglas.

He adds that ISX12 G is already in “very high demand” and is suited for applications up to 80,000-lbs. GCW.