Westport will continue to offer the Westport HD 15L NG engine and will, by late this year, introduce a 550-hp. variant of the powerplant, says marketing manager Matthew Campbell.

The existing Westport HD is available in three power/torque ratings: 400, 450 and 475 hp. with 1,450, 1,650 and 1,750 lbs.-ft. of torque capacity, respectively. “This engine was designed to run on LNG to provide greater operating range,” points out Campbell, “as LNG contains more energy per diesel gallon equivalent than any other form of natural gas. This allows for more range to enable fleets to maximize the distances they can travel on a single fill.” Westport HD 15L is expected to have the same life as its diesel counterpart.

“The engine’s power [performance] is equal to its Cummins diesel counterpart thanks to the Westport high pressure direct injection (HPDI) technology,” he continues. “HDPI is compression-ignited, which is the same as a diesel engine and thus maintains the same performance.”

Campbell says that’s why “drivers [report] noticing no difference in the performance of the Westport HD 15L and the Cummins ISX 15L engine.” “This year the Westport HD 15L will also feature an optimized emissions equipment system, tailored specifically to the lower-emissions profile of NG to reduce cost and weight and improve operation and reduce user intervention,” Campbell states. “Availability of these enhancements will commence during 2013.”

And he advises that the 550-hp. variant of the Westport HD 15L arriving later this year will deliver 1,850 lbs.-ft. of torque capacity, which will be the same as its diesel counterpart.

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