TRP Aftermarket Parts is introducing a new line of clutches and clutch system components for use in all makes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Everett Seymoure, global manager for TRP, said the clutches come in two styles: the Easy Effort, a heavy-duty coil-spring clutch with nine springs (six coil springs inside the casting with three assist springs) for higher torque engines; and the Soft Pedal diaphragm-style clutch, which features a lower bearing load and reduces pedal effort.

These new clutches and related components are backed by an 18-month warranty and are available for heavy-duty trucks in 14- and 15.5-in. versions.

Seymoure said that the standard versions of these TRP clutches are manufactured with ceramic facing friction material, similar to commonly specified OEM parts on new trucks. TRP clutches made with Kevlar material are also available for vocational trucks, such as log haulers, refuse haulers, dump and cement trucks that frequently roll back and forth.