China's Double Coin Holding Ltd. and CMA, its North American marketing subsidiary, debuted six new Double Coin truck tires across three product lines as well as a “giant off-the-road” (OTR) tire at a news conference at its Memphis Distribution Center.

Top executives were on hand from both the Chinese parent firm and the Monrovia, CA-based North American marketing operation for the briefing. They delved not only into the new products, but also discussed how Double Coin is focused on a value proposition that can be summed up as producing quality products at Tier 3 price points.

Double Coin also introduced two tires aimed at the regional/P&D market: the RR680 all-position steer and the RT600 low-profile all-position steer. According to CMA vp Walt Weller, both feature a premium five-rib design with wide shoulders to provide durability and even wear. The RR680 has a deep 19/32nds original tread depth, and the RT600 features sidewall protection against curbing. Also new is the RR202 five-rib highway tire for mixed-service applications, such as waste hauling. Weller noted it carries a 10,000-lb. load-carrying capacity and boasts a durable casing to provide long original tread life and multiple retreads. The tire maker also announced its new giant off-road product — the REM-11 3700R57 tire, aimed at mining and hauling applications.

On the customer support front, Double Coin updated its dealer footprint. Murphy said Double Coin's retail channel consists of independent tire dealers and distributors offering some 950 “points of sale” locations. He noted that all product sold in North America is dealer-delivered, including for customers enrolled in Double Coin's national accounts program, which requires purchasing at least 1,000 tires a year.