The HSU2 (heavy steer urban) tire introduced by Continental Tire North America offers increased tread life and 17% more wear volume than its predecessor, the HSU, according to the tire maker.

The redesigned tire includes a wider, 26/32 in. deep rib design and is formulated with a cut- and tear-resistant tread compound to provide improved wear in high-scrub and on/off-road applications. The HSU2 is available in a 315/80R22.5 size.

Other benefits of the new tire include a patented system that ejects rocks and other debris from the tire’s grooves to prevent trapping and drilling to protect against cracking and tearing. Also, Continental’s Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI) system, which is a series of sipes at graduated tread depths equally spaced around the inside and outside of the shoulder ribs, allows for quick detection of wear differences between the shoulder ribs that can indicate alignment problems, the company noted.