Dometic Environmental Corp. has introduced a pre-wired battery box for its battery-powered, CARB-compliant HVAC systems. The new battery box, which stores the batteries and inverter stacked on two levels, has approximately the same dimensions as a typical APU, according to Dometic, to make it easier to mount on the side of the truck frame. The box is pre-wired for the batteries as well as the circuit breaker and inverter, to help reduce installation times.

The company also announced a new family of upgraded, redesigned auxiliary air conditioning products, including a redesigned compressor/heater/evaporative blower (CHEB) unit, which mounts inside the truck and a new low-profile, external compressor/fan (CF) unit, re-engineered to reduce size and weight--- both running on Dometic’s new Qt-series digital controls.

The inside and outside units are connected by pre-charged, reusable refrigerant lines with quick-connect fittings. According to Dometic, the new CHEB and CF units are intended to present a more attractive appearance and resist corrosion, while minimizing compressor noise within the cab.

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