Hendrickson Bumper and Trim has released a new Aero Clad bumper for the Mack Granite.

The Aero Clad bumper for Mack Granite is 32 lbs. lighter compared to the standard steel bumper, the company said. In addition, Aero Clad bumpers offer a bright mirror-like finish that is 10 times thicker than chrome and helps resists corrosion. Unlike painted or chrome bumpers, Aero Clad bumpers do not require touch ups and will not chip or rust.

Hendrickson offers Aero Clad bumpers for both set forward and set back axle Mack Granite truck models. They are available as current Mack data book options and as aftermarket replacements. These bumpers are offered with different light and tow-hole configurations to meet a variety of customer needs.