With just 14 months to go before the January 2010 deadline for the next round of diesel emissions cuts, the picture is getting much clearer as truck manufacturers are well into the field test stage, and activity is gearing up to ensure that all the pieces are in place to support the new engine technology.

All but one manufacturer have settled on selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet the 2010 standards. Working together, they have laid the foundation for widespread distribution of the urea, or as they now call it diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), needed to make that system work. The big news is that one major truckstop chain has announced it will make DEF available at all of its fuel islands, and others are expected to follow suit shortly.

The one manufacturer going against the crowd — Navistar — will rely on increased exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and says it is ready with 2010 compliant engines for all of its medium- and heavy-duty products.

By all indications, the transition to 2010 is going to be a smooth one.

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