We steer our business based on nine core values, including ‘operational excellence’ as the primary driver, yet we are always seeking ways to improve our model,” says Gary Martin, executive vice president of administration at Clark & Reid Co., Billerica, MA. “We have some of the same challenges as other moving and storage companies and unique issues we work hard to address.

“From May to September, we have to continually build up our hauling capacity by finding and retaining top-quality drivers,” Martin continues. “That challenge is ongoing, but it’s even more pronounced during the busiest moving season.”

The consequences of not having enough resources to handle loads can go beyond just the loss of revenue for Clark & Reid. “Our primary relationships are with the companies that are paying to relocate their employees,” Martin says. “If the employee is pleased, then the company will be too, creating greater business opportunities.”

Compounding this challenge is the nature of the executive relocation services Clark & Reid provides to Fortune 500 and other corporations. “We can’t hire just anyone,” Martin states. “Our drivers are in homes. In addition to being able to professionally pack and load their belongings, we need them to be trustworthy, considerate, punctual, and have excellent customer relations skills.”

Clark & Reid drivers, mostly independent contractors, are treated like valued partners. “We know every driver by his or her first name,” Martin says, “and we work hard to know them as individuals. We believe that Clark & Reid should be an attractive place to work for people with the right competencies, and who will be equally committed to providing quality service and helping us grow.”