A new sealed rotary switch has been added to the Cole Hersee 95060 Series. The new weather-sealed reversing switch is constructed with engineering thermoplastic to help it stand up to corrosion better than older, metal models, while maintaining similar functionality, the company said.

The rugged 95060-37 is sealed to IP67 standards for resistance to rough weather, roadsplash, and other harsh conditions, making it an ideal switch for operations where reliability is paramount.

For security purposes, the UL-recognized 95060-37 is supplied with two matching, double-bitted tumbler keys. It also comes equipped with an integral Deutsch connector that provides ease of installation while maintaining the switch's weather seal.

The 95060-37 provides the same three-position functionality as similar on-vehicle models: reverse, off, and forward. It is available in 10A at 12V, 5A at 24V, 3A at 36V, or 2A at 48V.