The Integrated Automated System (IAS) by Aerodynamic Trailer Systems has been verified by the EPA’s SmartWay program as generating greater than 5% in verified fuel savings, the company announced.

As a result, the system, which includes Aerodynamic’s SmartTail and WindTamer products, will satisfy upcoming California Air Resources Board (CARB) rules requiring all 53-ft. trailers operating in the state to have aerodynamic devices installed on the trailer. According to the company, testing showed a 5.3% improvement in fuel efficiency for tractor-trailers utilizing the system.

Both products are designed for a 10-yr. lifecycle. The SmartTail™ improves the aerodynamic profile of the trailer with automated polymer skins that are mounted directly to the rear doors. The WindTamer™ improves the aerodynamics of the trailer with its rugged low profile contoured cover mounted on the undercarriage of a vehicle.