A new 14-in. wide-base wheel from Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products cuts eight lbs. from competitive aluminum wheel options, according to the company. The LvL One model weighs 62 lbs. and can result in as much as 7% fuel savings for a long-haul truck, Alcoa said.

“The new wid- base wheel provides an unequalled combination of strength and light weight,” said Tim Myers, president. “For the vast majority of long-haul fleets already running on aluminum, that means more payload per trip, less fuel, or a profitable combination of both. And it couldn’t come at a better time for trailer and tanker fleets moving perishable goods, fuel and other heavy payloads.”

The new wheel is also six times as bright as competitive wheels in its class with a 50-brightness rating using standardized test methods for high-gloss surfaces.