New York State has made available nearly $500,000 to ATDynamics to continue development of next-generation trailer aerodynamics, the company has announced.

The money, awarded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, will be match by approximately 50% cost share from ATDynamics over the next two years. The company said the money will help it accelerate commercial development of its active flow control (AFC) technology which reduces aerodynamic drag by modifying air flow at the rear of the trailer.

“To carry on our role as a pioneer in trailer aerodynamics, we're providing the long-haul trucking industry with a technology that is well established in aerospace engineering,” said Andrew Smith, CEO. “With support from New York State, we can turn active flow control into a trucker-tough product that is cost-effective for our fleet customers and OEM partners.”

The AFC is designed to minimize low-pressure suction drag and is suited for trailers with roll-doors that are not compatible with the company’s swing-door TrailerTail technology, the company said.