Incorporating low-rolling resistance tread and sidewall compounding and shallow 11/32 in. tread depth, the new R197 radial from Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS) offers fuel efficiency and long, even tread wear, the company said.

The R197, available in a 295/75R22.5 size with a “G” load rating, is a Bridgestone-branded tire suitable for all position use. It is ideal for single and tandem axle trailer and dolly applications in long haul and regional haul service, according to the company. It is approved for use on EPA SmartWay-certified equipment and CARB-compliant vehicles.

The tire is built on an energy-efficient casing. BBTS’ Defense Groove design creates uniform pressure across the shoulder to minimize edge wear and cupping, resulting in long, even tread wear, according to the company. Stress relief siping along the rib edges is designed to promote even wear for higher mileage. A classic straight-rib tread design evacuates water from the footprint for outstanding wet traction, while cross-rib sipes provide solid grip on wet roads. Shoulder protector ribs on both sidewalls fight damage from cuts and abrasion from curbing.

“The R197 is the next generation trailer tire for fleets who demand exceptional fuel efficiency without sacrificing mileage,” said Chris Hoffman, manager, TBR & retread product marketing. “Its innovative casing and tread compounding promote lower rolling resistance for improved fuel economy, both when R197 is new and when it’s retreaded, which reduces total life cycle costs.”