Dana Holding Corp. has completed product improvements to its Spicer Life Series (SPL) Model 170 universal joint assembly. Dana has now upgraded its entire Class 8 SPL heavy-duty universal joint lineup.

The SPL-170 now features a new bearing package with larger needle bearings for increased capacity, a Viton synthetic seal for improved grease retention and serviceability, and a thermoplastic seal guard to exclude contaminants.

Dana also said that a new premium synthetic lubricant provides improved bearing life through the initial 3-yr./350,000-mi. lubrication interval.

“All Spicer SPL driveshaft assemblies for heavy-duty applications now include these important product improvements,” said Tom DeHaven, senior manager of driveshaft products. “As the world’s leading driveshaft supplier, we strive to continuously deliver value and innovation to all of our end-user and original-equipment manufacturers customers.”

The SPL-170 has a torque capacity rating of 12,550 lbs.-ft. It is designed for main and tandem drive inter-axle driveshaft applications for Class 8 applications.

Dana introduced enhancements to its Spicer Life Series Model 250 universal joint assemblies in August of 2010. Both the SPL-170 and SPL-250 are now available on all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks manufactured in North America.