The Spicer E-Series axle has gone through numerous design upgrades since first introduced by Dana Corporation in 1993. Today it is one of the OE’s most popular steer axles and, in fact, Dana just celebrated production of the one-millionth E-12021 axle at its Humboldt, TN, plant.

According to Dana, the one-millionth axle was built as a complete assembly with a Paccar-proprietary front suspension, Bendix air disc brakes and Spicer LMS aluminum hubs. The assembly was sequenced to Kenworth’s Renton, WA facility for use with a new Kenworth T660 aerodynamic long-haul conventional chassis.

The Spicer E-12021 steer axle features an exclusive one-piece integral arm forged knuckle for reduced weight; a large kingpin diameter for improved durability and reduced maintenance; two draw-key kingpin retention screws for improved alignment capability and reduced maintenance; and a power rib beam also designed for improved alignment capability.

“Spicer E-Series steer axles have a proven record of low maintenance, long life, and ease of serviceability,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth’s assistant gm of sales & marketing. “Customers have benefited from the axle’s durable and lightweight design that has contributed to driving down operational costs. We are proud that the Kenworth T660 is part of this significant occasion.”

Dana Heavy Vehicle Products president Nick Stanage added, “Over the next several months, customers will see further evidence of Dana’s commitment to the commercial vehicle industry through initiatives that will deliver outstanding value in manufacturing efficiencies and product development.”